Die Dorf Fest Kapelle

Die Dorf Fest Kapelle – Traditional German Oompah Band

Oompah Band


Die Dorf Fest Kapelle is a UK Based  Traditional German Oompah Band, it is the busiest and most widely traveled Oktoberfest Band. They perform, Oktoberfest Music all year round.  They perform using Traditional Brass Instruments and maintaining the original Oompah Munich Oktoberfest Sound. Performing in traditional Lederhosens, this is a 5 piece band with 3 guys and 2 girls  playing pop and original German Oompah Songs and Tunes . The front man is highly interactive and conducts games  without much props and never fails the crowd from all ages and walks of life entertained. The band perform traditional Oktoberfest music and up beat pop tunes with a pure German Oktoberfest Sound.

Chicken Dance


It’s my Life

And Der Norsekuste

Suspicious Minds


Booking for Oktoberfest 2018


Oktoberfest Hong Kong

Oktoberfest Dubai






Bookings for Oktoberfest 2017

22.09.17 – Laupasat, Singapore

06.10.17 -Clarke Quay, Singapore
07.10.17 – Clarke Quay, Singapore

08.10.17 – Paulaner Singapore

13.10.17 – Siemans, KL

14.10.17 – Labuan Oktoberfest

20.10.17 – Singapore Cricket Club

21.10.17 – Summer House, Singapore

26.10.17 – Maldives

30.10.17 – Maldives



Bookings in Asia for Oktoberfest 2016

September 29th, October 1st & October 2nd – The Borneo Oktoberfest in East Malaysia

October 7th and October 8th – Paulaner Oktoberfest Clarke QUAY Singapore

October  13th, 14th  & 15th – Doha Oktoberfest (Sheraton)


Bookings in Asia for 2015:


September 17th – Oktoberfest KL for GAB

September 23rd and 24th –Okoberfest  KL

September 29th and September 30th – KL – German Chamber of Commerce


October 2nd – Singapore Cricket Club

October 3rd – Clark Quay Oktoberfest Singapore


October 8th, 9th, 10 & 11 – Hyatt Manila, City of Dreams


October 16th & 17th – Jakarta Indonesia

October 23rd – Bauer Malaysia

October 24th – Oktoberfest Ipoh Malaysia


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